MozTrap sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Something about that name, maybe the Trap part, that makes me not trust it. It really is a great thing, and you may not believe it… YET! What is a MozTrap? How do you eat that? Where do you put it?

It’s actually a way to test Firefox -the web browser- for bugs.

I know what you’re thinking, “this ninja thinks I know what a bug is” Let me tell you what a bug is, and a bit of a history lesson if you will. Her-story, actually. Grace Hopper- an inspiration to computer scientist everywhere is creditted with making the term debugging popular when she was trying to fix a computer glitch and was able to remove a physical bug, a moth, from her computer. In the computer and internet world ‘bugs’ are means for establishing that something isn’t working as it should.

Alright, so now that we are up to speed in knowing what a bug is, let’s chat MozTrap. It is a web application that allows the open source community, and those hoping to become members, to test different Mozilla products. It provides steps to follow based on what browser or system you are able to test.

How do you get into MozTrap and start testing AND possibly contributing? Excellent question! The answers will follow in a wonderful series of screen shots that are meant to help in signing up and signing onto MozTrap.

First Step

Get a Persona Account! It will help you get into other Mozilla community web boards and get you started on your journey to contributing.

Log In

Now it’s time to venture over to MozTrap, and sign in.

MozTrap Sign in after Persona

Explore your new reality.

Tests galore

Once in, you’re a part of a whole new world. Find the tab that says Test Runs

Test Runs and systems

You’ll need to know more about the version of Firefox you have loaded.

About Firefox

The dialog box that appears tells you all about what version you’re running and links to other cool Mozilla facts.

Version Information

Knowing what software your personal computer is running is crucial. Go ahead and enter that at the bottom of the screen.

System Information

When all of your system information is loaded and you have chosen the Firefox version to test, it will take you to a magical place that offers step by step process into the testing realm.

Tests to Explore

The instructions are fairly easy to follow and will have you feeling like a community member in no time.

Welcome and happy bugging!