It’s hard conceptualize how much I’ve actually learned. Not only from the material we are being introduced to, but from my peers and mentors as well. I pinch myself daily, thinking this_isn’t_real. That somehow I fabricated this reality where people are encouraging of failure because they know it leads to learning. Where my personal life is considered as a part of my daily interactions with everyone in this journey.

I remember a time when the internet was magic. When I typed what I wanted into the awesome bar and it retreived what it thought I wanted to see. In my mind, it was an intelligent creature. I understand the makings behind the magic on a different level now. This program is allowing me to lift the curtain and see the magic behind the presented. Before Ascend, I wasn’t aware that websites were hosted elsewhere. I was under the assumption that each website was an independent entity. Really, it’s like a house that belongs to a town. That’s what i tell myself to try and understand the complexities of it. My understanding is still fairly basic, and I’m excited to look back at this post as a milestone.

The mentors/ instructors need a shout out, though. That’s the real magic in this program. I’m star struck every day. They have created one of the best environments I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing- learning focused or otherwise. In my previous paths exhausted, I facilitated youth groups, and dreamed of creating a space as this.

As far as learning goes- there’s so much! The day before I started Ascend, I didn’t know what the terminal was. Now, I’m at a dangerous point with it. Knowing how to make a big change/ movement of files, and even deleting all of my work. In the spirit of learning, it’s easier the second time around.

A major milestone in the learning experience was testing software, and being able to identify bugs. Not the creepy crawlers of the night, but the glitches in software that make for a less than favorable experience. Not only did I identify a bug, I submitted a bug report and brought it to the attention of the developers.

Automation has always been an intimidating word for me, something too futuristic about it. With Ascend, the future is now. The Ascend team learned all about making the computer run test for us using Mozmill, that’s power. Here are my results!

It’s been a great second week of learning, and I can’t wait to look back and realize how much I will take from this lovely experience.