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    Preparation For Kuma Bug Mdn Fix

    02 Oct 2014 »

    Thursday Oct 2

    So Ubuntu is my new operating system for the next days. And it crashed and crashed. After a day of super heat and sweaty walk, in a strange place. After finding a cyber cafe to join in. Not to say that finding fast connection, was very challenging.

    • Installed vidyo. Made local test.

      I made an run to install Vidyo. For Ubuntu? I wondered. I decided to list the steps I took today as a reference.

                    sudo dpkg -i VidyoDesktopInstaller-ubuntu-TAG_VD_3_0_4_001.deb
    • Logged into Smuxi chat IRC

      OK, that part is accomplished, Now I don’t have an ICR client, Colloquy is what we used for MAC, well they don’t do a MAC version.

    I like mibbit. and it cool. IRC Cloud is cool too. I installed Smuxi and it works fine because it has intergration messages like Colloquy does for MAC.

                    sudo apt-get install smuxi

    Build Firefox in Ubuntu

    • Non bug related I was able to re-download the code to build Firefox and starting doing the mach build ~~~ python ~~~ this returned errors at the end ~~~ git clone gecko-dev ~~~ Make configuration file for the build. ~~~ ac_add_options –enable-debug > mozconfig

                ac_add_options --disable-optimize > mozconfig ~~~

    First Bug Comment

    • Read some comments and invested in helping and learning what are we doing today.

    – Wrote ideas for bug comment Bug: 632204 Comment: "Dear bug 632204 I would like to end your existence by boosting my knowledge in removing you from the code base. I know who you are, I will find you, and I will erase you. ( Quote from movie ). (Frantic music plays here)."

       I don't know what else to say. 

    "Dear sir/Madam, I am Coderburg Vugs-Squasher Prince the Third, I address this email from a lonely island in Africa, I address this letter to confirm that you are the lucky person to receive this email about deleting one in a million bugs. If you are so kind and please provide access to the richness of deleting this bug number 632204"


    "Here, here, I would like to work on this 632204. Thank you."

    Getting back to my bug MDN Captcha for HoneyPOT

    • Re-dowloading process continues from my source code from my own forked GIT from the mozilla project
    • Attended conference online with vidyo with
    • joined the IRC for this bug #mdndev
    • followed the compilation instructions
    • Install VirtualBox 4.x from

    • Go to

    • Selected Trusty 14.04 386 for download

    • in terminal

    ~~~ cd Downloads

    sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-4.3_4.3.16-95972~Ubuntu~raring_i386.deb ~~~ > -    Install vagrant >= 1.6 using the installer from > > -  Go to > > -   Selected 32 bits Ubuntu  > > -    In terminal  > ~~~
    cd Downloads
    sudo dpkg -i vagrant_1.6.5_i686.deb  ~~~ > -    Install the vagrant-vbguest plugin. >  > -   Go to > > -    Selected Vagrant > 1.1 > > -   In terminal ~~~
     vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest ~~~ > -    Fork the project. (See GitHub and Webdev Bootcamp) > > -   In terminal  ~~~
    cd ~/Sites/ 
    git clone
    cd kuma
    git remote add mozilla git://
    git submodule update --init --recursive ~~~ > >  -  2. Create a branch for a bug ($ git checkout -b new-issue-888888) > > -    In terminal  ~~~
    git checkout -b new-issue-632204
    git submodule update --init --recursive ~~~ > > -    3. Copy a vagrantconfig_local.yaml file for your VM: > > -    In terminal  > ~~~
    cp vagrantconfig_local.yaml-dist vagrantconfig_local.yaml ~~~ > > -    4. Start the VM and install everything. (approx. 30 min on a fast net connection).: > > -    In terminal  ~~~
    vagrant up ~~~ ```
    WAIT 30 minutes
    WAIT and WAIT ``` > -    ^ This crashed in my case: ~~~
                            It appears your machine doesn't support NFS, or there is not an
                            adapter to enable NFS on this machine for Vagrant. Please verify
                            that `nfsd` is installed on your machine, and try again. If you're
                            on Windows, NFS isn't supported.
                            " ~~~ > > What do I do ? I Google it 
    Googled: "It appears your machine doesn't support NFS, or there is not "
    Found this:
    • In terminal ~~~ sudo apt-get install nfs-common nfs-kernel-server ~~~ Then ~~~ vagrant destroy -f && vagrant up ~~~ ``` My connection dropped and the install of the vagrant up
    did not finish. ```` >    - Errors showed up > >    *cont next day
    - end of day -

    Second Week Recap at Ascend Project

    19 Sep 2014 »

    Wednesday - Humpday!!!

    Talk of the day by the “User Advocacy Team”-ish

    We gave them, “we,” because we are together, but I did not suggested anything, yet the others did. So, like I was saying, “we,” suggested them a lot things from the user experience side. Our, user experience side. Anyways, I started to came up with this idea of having a virtual table where we can have happy face to rate each other. I started downloading Xcode and all the pre-requirements for making SpiderMonkey and Firefox It took a long time to install and download. I did it by following the instructions int he public page. Everything installed as expected. By 1:45 pm I had successfully build Firefox for OS X. I can say I have no idea why this happen when I was trying to build SpiderMonkey. Going back to the SpiderMonkey Instructions I got stuck at run “autoconf-2.13” I thought I had installed everything correctly

    Going for lunch for the food carts was very pleasing and relaxing.

    We started to make Bugzilla searches and start filling bugs.

    We got to install jekyll server in out computers. Then, finding svn source code references, inside the viewcv app for mozilla, was very frustrating, but after a while and kind help from Lukas, we finally were able to understand it.

    I had this idea of making a table with happy faces where we can rate a +1 and a -1. So started to do it.


    So today, we had a talk about how we can agree on IRC and asking for help etiquette. Lukas was very patient and through and we all came up and or behaviors between us. On how to make it better. Last week I met with Jim, a super cool dude that works on the developer tools. There all this code that theories that he tells me about. I am super interested in trying to build SpiderMonkey and get familiar with the developer side of tools. So far. I have only been able able to compile firefox, but I got stuck in the process yesterday.

    Today we also got to install MozMill as a test tool that makes testing automatic. We got to make some testing and have public results. After some hours trying to figure it out. I got the results in the that I like:

    test results

    Not that I understand them.

    I met the leader of the developer tools side as well, Jim’s boss, and he was trying to explain how they have many employees in many countries and how that is a big thing for Mozilla as a company. He saw himself a leader that uses construction samples to try to explain what he does, but that he did not wanted to place in a little box since every one here is so awesome and hard working.

    I met also with Cai

    I got install Xcode 6 and OS X 10.10 with

    Second Week Recap at Ascend Project

    19 Sep 2014 »

    Wednesday - Humpday!!!

    WebStorm Trial - Editor Tutorial

    So, I tried this editor called WebStorm, yes, as in WEB plus STORM, is made by JetBrains.

    Blah blah blah “What is it taking about ?”..

    Ok, so, the deal is this:


    ##DO YOU HATE IT ?

    Well, I discovered that WebStorm can Push files with just pushing a button.

    So, I edit, I pull and push, with the click of a button, yeah it sounds cliche, but is true.

    If you would like to get it in your MAC, sorry Windows or Linux users, but I only have Mac screenshots.

    Here are the steps to get it. 1 ,2 ,3. hahah! well before we start, you most know this.


    By the end of this tutorial you should have Java 6 installed and WebStorm, and you should have seen a few screen shots on how to pull and push.


    • Internet Connection, duh!, I had to say that
    • Mac OS X with 10.9, this is where I tried it.
    • Mozilla Firefox, just because it rocks and rules!


    1. Go to WebStorm Link. Download and install. May God Bless you.
    2. Accept to install Java when prompted.
    3. Figure out the Buttons by your self.
    4. Have a nice day, you are so smart! Look at you!.
    5. Go give yourself a WebStorm Badge.

    ~~~ What, what what! ~~~


    1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
    2. Go to download the App WebStorm Here.
    3. Click on the BIG BLUE Button “GET WEBSTORM “.
    4. A pop up window will show up, then click in the OK, to keep downloading it.
    Notice that when you clicked ok a big arrow colored grey flashed from Big to Small and turned into blue and placed it self in the right top corner.
    This arrow that now is blue. Has a growing rectangle with an image. with a number “1m” or “2s” as the wait time. Like 1m for 1 minute, or 1s for one second.
    1. Click on your download. ~~~ Once dowloaded click on the blue arrow, when it shows the download list, click on the program we have just downloaded. ~~~

    2. Drag Image Logo from left to right and drop it into the applications image. Here is a drag and drop video tutorial is this is too hard for you. Drag and Drop Tutorial/

     It will appear that nothing happened. But in reality the WS logo and name should be inside your Applications inside your Finder.
    1. Close the opened window. Image

    2. Eject the WStorm Installer. Image. Go to the finder and scroll the left area and find the WEBSTORM name with an Eject icon to the left of it. Then click eject.

    3. Now find Webstorm App inside the Applications folder. Double Click it.

    Java needs to be installed ?
    If you get the this message, it will suggest to install it for you, just say yes, ok, agree, blah, blah.
    1. Webstorm opens the first time user. It will ask you to “migrate,” your past configurations. I am assuming you have no idea what this means, just click next, because, obviously you have no previous configurations.

    2. Next, It will ask you about the look and feel. There are only two options now. White bag ground and Dark background, personally I like darcula, for dark much better. Select as you wish. ~~~ It will restart, if you change to “darcula”. ~~~

    Once it opens you are done with the install.

    Now, is time to link out Ascend Project.

    1. Now you might be in the entrance screen. You should click OPEN DIRECTORY. If you are in the Regular Development Environment and you skipped the entrance window. Don’t worry. Just click File -> Open

    2. Navigate in the finder window that opened up. We, in the project are in the supposed to have our files under /home/user/sites/ascendproject So, go

    First Week Recap at Ascend Project

    12 Sep 2014 »

    This Was Week was very intense. !!!

    Well after the awaited day from the first day. It all went ….

    First Task - Everything Wrong with Frozen in 3:46 Minutes - Loaded

    Added failed coins and extra comments to existing video about frozen, emphasizing some points using Popcorn Maker Editor.

    Link Everything Wrong with Frozen in 3:46 Minutes - Loaded

    First day at Ascend Project

    08 Sep 2014 »

    First day at Ascend Project

    Well, as the weekend unfolds, I can’t get to feel comfortable in the chair, or the bed, or the couch. The feeling of starting a long awaited dream has been a pretty deep desire of mine. Ascend, is that dream I asked for. It is even better than I imagined it in my head. It is perfect. The energy is surprising and the place amazing. Yet, still the feeling of nervousness wrapped my core in fountains of dry questions.

    As the the morning comes to a glare, the sun shines in the deep end of the east. I can feel my heart pumping. My feet tinkle and my skin is shivering. We take the bus with out hopes high and our hopes in the most perfect place.

    The city electric train here is called, MAX. It arrives at 8:30 am the end of our stop in downtown PDX – that is short for Portland. Arriving a half an hour early can be a nervous crashing situation. We, the participants, explore the area around. This new place where we will claim are new lives by the hands of a great giver. Their “theirs”, will become our “ours”. And we will merge into this new world.

    “Are we ready for it?” “ Am I ready for this?” ”Can I do this?” “Did I dress appropriately for the occasion?” “I hope now, none, no one is ready this” Well, the thoughts are undoubting and the knees are doubting to stay quiet. For a minute I thought I heard the sound the cracking as they shackled in disagreement. My heart is certainly here to stay.

    My heart joined forced with my mouth and eyes, which became very much alive and the certain look of Mint Chocolate. “This will keep me going.” My eyes and mouth convinced those thoughtful knees of mine to stay calm. Chocolate does it. I think a minute of silence to honor chocolate. Umm chocolate.

    As people arrive. We all seem very happy and nervous to be here. I can feel the impostor syndrome throughout everyone’s eyes. “Perhaps, we don’t really belong here? —- Perhaps I don’t make the cut? —- What if there is a JavaScript test?”

    Short pause. The clocks keeps ticking. We are placed the wonderful clean clean meeting and cozy table. The chairs are comfy. I know my knees appreciate that. Not that it is related in anything the concept of sitting with the knees, but, there is a butt, and the but, is that the knees enjoy the release from the heavy lifting of too much stress. Release of happy hormones, fill the spirit by the chemicals contained the chocolate.

    Presentations are in the making, and everyone exposes their points of view. I cannot recall any specifics. I do know that it felt better and better, as the batter of words mixed and held a common voice amongst the struggles of computer and social and emotional beliefs that we all shared.

    We had some rules to read and some more introductions to make, and some ice to brake. Finally. After a all is said and done. And the fun day was so awaited. It all went so fast. Poom! That was easy! And it was awesome. Project Ascend Rocks!. The day went so fast.

    I was glad, it was actually pretty welcoming and open. And I cannot wait for tomorrow to come back and keep developing new knowledge! Great start! And thank you and tired by the end of the day.

    The End