First day at Ascend Project

Well, as the weekend unfolds, I can’t get to feel comfortable in the chair, or the bed, or the couch. The feeling of starting a long awaited dream has been a pretty deep desire of mine. Ascend, is that dream I asked for. It is even better than I imagined it in my head. It is perfect. The energy is surprising and the place amazing. Yet, still the feeling of nervousness wrapped my core in fountains of dry questions.

As the the morning comes to a glare, the sun shines in the deep end of the east. I can feel my heart pumping. My feet tinkle and my skin is shivering. We take the bus with out hopes high and our hopes in the most perfect place.

The city electric train here is called, MAX. It arrives at 8:30 am the end of our stop in downtown PDX – that is short for Portland. Arriving a half an hour early can be a nervous crashing situation. We, the participants, explore the area around. This new place where we will claim are new lives by the hands of a great giver. Their “theirs”, will become our “ours”. And we will merge into this new world.

“Are we ready for it?” “ Am I ready for this?” ”Can I do this?” “Did I dress appropriately for the occasion?” “I hope now, none, no one is ready this” Well, the thoughts are undoubting and the knees are doubting to stay quiet. For a minute I thought I heard the sound the cracking as they shackled in disagreement. My heart is certainly here to stay.

My heart joined forced with my mouth and eyes, which became very much alive and the certain look of Mint Chocolate. “This will keep me going.” My eyes and mouth convinced those thoughtful knees of mine to stay calm. Chocolate does it. I think a minute of silence to honor chocolate. Umm chocolate.

As people arrive. We all seem very happy and nervous to be here. I can feel the impostor syndrome throughout everyone’s eyes. “Perhaps, we don’t really belong here? —- Perhaps I don’t make the cut? —- What if there is a JavaScript test?”

Short pause. The clocks keeps ticking. We are placed the wonderful clean clean meeting and cozy table. The chairs are comfy. I know my knees appreciate that. Not that it is related in anything the concept of sitting with the knees, but, there is a butt, and the but, is that the knees enjoy the release from the heavy lifting of too much stress. Release of happy hormones, fill the spirit by the chemicals contained the chocolate.

Presentations are in the making, and everyone exposes their points of view. I cannot recall any specifics. I do know that it felt better and better, as the batter of words mixed and held a common voice amongst the struggles of computer and social and emotional beliefs that we all shared.

We had some rules to read and some more introductions to make, and some ice to brake. Finally. After a all is said and done. And the fun day was so awaited. It all went so fast. Poom! That was easy! And it was awesome. Project Ascend Rocks!. The day went so fast.

I was glad, it was actually pretty welcoming and open. And I cannot wait for tomorrow to come back and keep developing new knowledge! Great start! And thank you and tired by the end of the day.

The End