Wednesday - Humpday!!!

WebStorm Trial - Editor Tutorial

So, I tried this editor called WebStorm, yes, as in WEB plus STORM, is made by JetBrains.

Blah blah blah “What is it taking about ?”..

Ok, so, the deal is this:



Well, I discovered that WebStorm can Push files with just pushing a button.

So, I edit, I pull and push, with the click of a button, yeah it sounds cliche, but is true.

If you would like to get it in your MAC, sorry Windows or Linux users, but I only have Mac screenshots.

Here are the steps to get it. 1 ,2 ,3. hahah! well before we start, you most know this.


By the end of this tutorial you should have Java 6 installed and WebStorm, and you should have seen a few screen shots on how to pull and push.


  • Internet Connection, duh!, I had to say that
  • Mac OS X with 10.9, this is where I tried it.
  • Mozilla Firefox, just because it rocks and rules!


  1. Go to WebStorm Link. Download and install. May God Bless you.
  2. Accept to install Java when prompted.
  3. Figure out the Buttons by your self.
  4. Have a nice day, you are so smart! Look at you!.
  5. Go give yourself a WebStorm Badge.

~~~ What, what what! ~~~


  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Go to download the App WebStorm Here.
  3. Click on the BIG BLUE Button “GET WEBSTORM “.
  4. A pop up window will show up, then click in the OK, to keep downloading it.
Notice that when you clicked ok a big arrow colored grey flashed from Big to Small and turned into blue and placed it self in the right top corner.

This arrow that now is blue. Has a growing rectangle with an image. with a number “1m” or “2s” as the wait time. Like 1m for 1 minute, or 1s for one second.
  1. Click on your download. ~~~ Once dowloaded click on the blue arrow, when it shows the download list, click on the program we have just downloaded. ~~~

  2. Drag Image Logo from left to right and drop it into the applications image. Here is a drag and drop video tutorial is this is too hard for you. Drag and Drop Tutorial/

 It will appear that nothing happened. But in reality the WS logo and name should be inside your Applications inside your Finder.
  1. Close the opened window. Image

  2. Eject the WStorm Installer. Image. Go to the finder and scroll the left area and find the WEBSTORM name with an Eject icon to the left of it. Then click eject.

  3. Now find Webstorm App inside the Applications folder. Double Click it.

Java needs to be installed ?
If you get the this message, it will suggest to install it for you, just say yes, ok, agree, blah, blah.
  1. Webstorm opens the first time user. It will ask you to “migrate,” your past configurations. I am assuming you have no idea what this means, just click next, because, obviously you have no previous configurations.

  2. Next, It will ask you about the look and feel. There are only two options now. White bag ground and Dark background, personally I like darcula, for dark much better. Select as you wish. ~~~ It will restart, if you change to “darcula”. ~~~

Once it opens you are done with the install.

Now, is time to link out Ascend Project.

  1. Now you might be in the entrance screen. You should click OPEN DIRECTORY. If you are in the Regular Development Environment and you skipped the entrance window. Don’t worry. Just click File -> Open

  2. Navigate in the finder window that opened up. We, in the project are in the supposed to have our files under /home/user/sites/ascendproject So, go