Wednesday - Humpday!!!

Talk of the day by the “User Advocacy Team”-ish

We gave them, “we,” because we are together, but I did not suggested anything, yet the others did. So, like I was saying, “we,” suggested them a lot things from the user experience side. Our, user experience side. Anyways, I started to came up with this idea of having a virtual table where we can have happy face to rate each other. I started downloading Xcode and all the pre-requirements for making SpiderMonkey and Firefox It took a long time to install and download. I did it by following the instructions int he public page. Everything installed as expected. By 1:45 pm I had successfully build Firefox for OS X. I can say I have no idea why this happen when I was trying to build SpiderMonkey. Going back to the SpiderMonkey Instructions I got stuck at run “autoconf-2.13” I thought I had installed everything correctly

Going for lunch for the food carts was very pleasing and relaxing.

We started to make Bugzilla searches and start filling bugs.

We got to install jekyll server in out computers. Then, finding svn source code references, inside the viewcv app for mozilla, was very frustrating, but after a while and kind help from Lukas, we finally were able to understand it.

I had this idea of making a table with happy faces where we can rate a +1 and a -1. So started to do it.


So today, we had a talk about how we can agree on IRC and asking for help etiquette. Lukas was very patient and through and we all came up and or behaviors between us. On how to make it better. Last week I met with Jim, a super cool dude that works on the developer tools. There all this code that theories that he tells me about. I am super interested in trying to build SpiderMonkey and get familiar with the developer side of tools. So far. I have only been able able to compile firefox, but I got stuck in the process yesterday.

Today we also got to install MozMill as a test tool that makes testing automatic. We got to make some testing and have public results. After some hours trying to figure it out. I got the results in the that I like:

test results

Not that I understand them.

I met the leader of the developer tools side as well, Jim’s boss, and he was trying to explain how they have many employees in many countries and how that is a big thing for Mozilla as a company. He saw himself a leader that uses construction samples to try to explain what he does, but that he did not wanted to place in a little box since every one here is so awesome and hard working.

I met also with Cai

I got install Xcode 6 and OS X 10.10 with