Thursday Oct 2

So Ubuntu is my new operating system for the next days. And it crashed and crashed. After a day of super heat and sweaty walk, in a strange place. After finding a cyber cafe to join in. Not to say that finding fast connection, was very challenging.

                sudo dpkg -i VidyoDesktopInstaller-ubuntu-TAG_VD_3_0_4_001.deb

I like mibbit. and it cool. IRC Cloud is cool too. I installed Smuxi and it works fine because it has intergration messages like Colloquy does for MAC.

                sudo apt-get install smuxi

Build Firefox in Ubuntu

First Bug Comment

– Wrote ideas for bug comment Bug: 632204 Comment: "Dear bug 632204 I would like to end your existence by boosting my knowledge in removing you from the code base. I know who you are, I will find you, and I will erase you. ( Quote from movie ). (Frantic music plays here)."

   I don't know what else to say. 

"Dear sir/Madam, I am Coderburg Vugs-Squasher Prince the Third, I address this email from a lonely island in Africa, I address this letter to confirm that you are the lucky person to receive this email about deleting one in a million bugs. If you are so kind and please provide access to the richness of deleting this bug number 632204"


"Here, here, I would like to work on this 632204. Thank you."

Getting back to my bug MDN Captcha for HoneyPOT

~~~ cd Downloads

sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-4.3_4.3.16-95972~Ubuntu~raring_i386.deb ~~~ > -    Install vagrant >= 1.6 using the installer from > > -  Go to > > -   Selected 32 bits Ubuntu  > > -    In terminal  > ~~~
cd Downloads

sudo dpkg -i vagrant_1.6.5_i686.deb  ~~~ > -    Install the vagrant-vbguest plugin. >  > -   Go to > > -    Selected Vagrant > 1.1 > > -   In terminal ~~~
 vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest ~~~ > -    Fork the project. (See GitHub and Webdev Bootcamp) > > -   In terminal  ~~~
cd ~/Sites/ 

git clone

cd kuma

git remote add mozilla git://

git submodule update --init --recursive ~~~ > >  -  2. Create a branch for a bug ($ git checkout -b new-issue-888888) > > -    In terminal  ~~~
git checkout -b new-issue-632204

git submodule update --init --recursive ~~~ > > -    3. Copy a vagrantconfig_local.yaml file for your VM: > > -    In terminal  > ~~~
cp vagrantconfig_local.yaml-dist vagrantconfig_local.yaml ~~~ > > -    4. Start the VM and install everything. (approx. 30 min on a fast net connection).: > > -    In terminal  ~~~
vagrant up ~~~ ```
WAIT 30 minutes

WAIT and WAIT ``` > -    ^ This crashed in my case: ~~~
                        It appears your machine doesn't support NFS, or there is not an
                        adapter to enable NFS on this machine for Vagrant. Please verify
                        that `nfsd` is installed on your machine, and try again. If you're
                        on Windows, NFS isn't supported.
                        " ~~~ > > What do I do ? I Google it 
Googled: "It appears your machine doesn't support NFS, or there is not "
Found this:
did not finish. ```` >    - Errors showed up > >    *cont next day
- end of day -