And we’re off!

Today the first inquiry from the site came in. Things are getting very real now. The application form is up on the site, so now it’s time for social media pushes and getting flyers & posters distributed in Portland in the coming weeks. If you are in Portland and have a place for a poster to go up, or cards to be placed out where potential applicants might see them - please reach out!

Here’s what I’ve learned so far in getting to this point:

  • Everything took longer than I’d estimated
  • People asked great questions at that informal chat including: Would we have a bug tracker? (Yes, we do now on GitHub) What happens after this? (Working on pulling in more opportunities for grads including OPW and hopefully internships with other projects) What’s the four year goal? (I’m working on this one - having more of these programs in more places seems like the obvious answer for now)
  • I am trying to get better at asking for help and it’s paying off (Thank you Madhava for the poster!)
  • Definitely getting more familiar with Jekyll and markdown which is great because it allows every aspect of this project & website can be open

Now that the applications are kicked off, here’s what’s next:

  • Looking for volunteers to spread the word on the ground in Portland (see volunteers)
  • Getting posters & flyers printed and distributed
  • Looking for opportunities to talk about the project
  • Keynoting at Open Source Bridge about the project and looking for contributors & mentors at the conference
  • Processing applications and making sure people get office hours if they need them
  • Setting up office hours with the Portland Space
  • Doing the Training-Up program with Greg Wilson as I start iterating on the curriculum

Update on deadlines coming up:

  • June 30th - Applications close
  • July 15th - Start interviewing applicants who have completed Round 2 (Codeacademy’s JavaScript module)
  • July 30th - 20 Participants selected and notified for the Portland group