Ascend is currently very much in Beta and needs a lot of help to get off the ground. Thank you for coming to the site and checking out this page to see if there are ways you can pitch in.

5 minutes

  • Spread the word about Ascend on social media
  • Follow @AscendPr0ject on Twitter
  • Print out and put up a poster in your local library, community center, grocery store, laundromat, or anywhere else it will be seen by people who are in the target audiences

Longer one-offs

  • Distribute flyers in your neighbourhood
  • Write an article or blog about Ascend if you are a blogger/journalist
  • Test out the curriculum pages (when ready) and submit bugs or patches with fixes
  • Design help with course materials (when ready)
  • Be a helper for July drop-in ‘office hours’ for potential participants who need access to computers & internet. Make sure to read the class agreements beforehand.
  • Site improvements always considered

In-Class Helpers

The project will need 2 or more in-class helpers every day throughout the program which runs from September 8th to October 17th, 2014 and will be held from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. If your company encourages volunteering, you have some time off coming up, or are in any way flexible enough to make it for a full or half day during that time please get in touch. Primary responsibilities of the in-class helpers is to help participants stay engaged with the material and to never ever take over the keyboard. You must be very enthusiastic about supporting adults who are learning new skills and you should also understand at least the basics of oppression and privilege.

If you have ideas about how to help that aren’t on this page (yet) please use the Contact button at the top of the site to get in touch with further details.